Caking It Up | Camille Stencil

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Caking It Up | Camille Stencil  CAKE STENCILS are an easy and creative design solution to decorate your masterpieces. They can be used with a variety of mediums and are durable and reusable! * A wide range of designs to choose from that cater for every occasion * Easy to clean and solvent proof * Great for beginners and professionals * Laser cut and durable, flexible and reusable * Variety of applicaitons, from airbrushing to edible artwork * Food Safe USAGE AND STORAGE TIPS: * Hold and secure flat against the surface before any application * Do not move stencil while in use * Go over gently if using scraper to avoid damging the pattern * DO NOT overwork over your pattern as it may cause bleeding * Clean stencil after each use * DO NOT wipe stencil dry to avoid damaging pattern * Store stencil appropriately, away from direct sunlight Full Stencil Size: Approx. 26x23cm