Hulk Contact Lenses


Hulk Contact Lenses Green

3 month use.

Come with free case.

One of the superheroes you can cosplay as is Hulk, he's the most iconic character from the Avengers, capable of hurling someone like Thanos with relative ease. In contrast to his timid nature as a human, he gets uncontrollably angry when he becomes the Hulk.

Cosplaying as Hulk requires you to have some level of muscle mass, which is perfect if you're already a buff guy- else can purchase fake muscles like most cosplayers and become as jacked as you want.

Having Hulk's muscles is a commodity in the world of superhero cosplay, you can't really complete a Hulk cosplay without looking swoll. And don't forget to include a pair of Primal's green Hulk contacts to make your cosplay seem realistic.

Technical Information

Item no.: 803
Iris Effect: Opaque
Color: 1 tone
Opacity Level: 100%
Occasion: Parties & Events
Refractive Power: Plano
Sizing/Fitting: Diameter 14.5 mm / Base Curve 8.8 mm 
Packaging: 2 lenses per box 
Usage/Wear: 5 years shelf life / 90 days usage 
Material: 62% Polymacon / 38% Water