Koala Chocolate Mould

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Chocolate Making Hints:

All mistakes can be eaten or remelted. There is no such thing as a failure except for burning chocolate or getting water in it.


Half fill the frying pan with water. Place chocolate in glass jar or dish and turn on frypan to a low heat setting. Stir chocolate occasionally until fully melted. It is then ready to use. Do not allow water to get too hot, you should be able to test temperature of water with your finger. This method is an ideal way to hold small glass jars of coloured chocolate at working temperature.

Place chocolate in a glass bowl and microwave on low to medium setting a minute at a time. – stir in between until fully melted. Stirring is important as the buds will hold their shape and not appear to be melting as they will melt on the bottom of the bowl first. Time will depend on amount of chocolate to be melted and individual microwaves. Increase times between stirring rather than power level as you can burn your chocolate. Use chocolate immediately or transfer bowl to frypan to maintain working temperature (see above). This will allow you to use all your chocolate without having to remelt.